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KKA provides monthly and quarterly internal CFO services to many of its for profit commercial clients. The value added benefit of these services allows the business owners to concentrate on strategic growth initiatives for their organizations without sacrificing the importance of having access to timely and meaningful financial information.


With over seventy five years of combined audit experience, our audit Partners are experts in conducting audit and assurance services in the commercial and not-for-profit sectors.

A vast majority of the firm's audit services are performed in accordance with Government Auditing Standards (YellowBook) and OMB Circular A-133 auditing standards. Our services to these organizations spans over fifty years and in addition to the basic audit of the financial statements, we have assisted our clients in other key functions such as grants management, internal CFO services, financial application systems development, and contract compliance matters.

Firm wide quality control over our audit and assurance services are maintained through our stringent internal review process and include an outside independent firm review of our system of quality control over its accounting and auditing practice. This independent review is conducted in accordance with the standards established by the Peer Review Board of the AICPA and we have consistently received unqualified opinions on our system of quality control over our accounting and auditing practice. Please review our most recent quality control report.

Business Advisory

Our business advisory services provides the owners with cost-effective advice and solutions that enables the organization to achieve specific goals. KKA can assist your organization in the following areas:

  • Business Planning Services
  • Entity selections: corporations, S-corporations, limited liability entities and partnerships
  • Business plan preparation
  • Cash management plans
  • Business continuity planning
  • Financing Services
  • Loan applications
  • Lease-buy analysis
  • Microcomputer consulting services
  • Litigation support services
  • Financial Forecasts
  • Contract cost certifications

*Top ten reasons why businesses fail:

  1. Lack of management systems
  2. Lack of vision and purpose by owners
  3. Lack of financial planning and review
  4. Overdependence on specific individuals in the business
  5. Poor market segmentation and/or strategy
  6. Failure to establish and/or communicate company goals
  7. Competition/lack of market knowledge
  8. Inadequate capitalization/underfunding
  9. Absence of a standard quality control program, and
  10. Owners concentrating on technical rather than strategic tasks.

*Reprinted from the GERBER Business Development Corporation's annual survey of small business failures

IT Consulting

The accounting profession increasingly has become a knowledge services profession. With the proliferation of new information technologies overt the last decade, CPAs are often called upon to bridge the gap between these technologies and business.

We can assist your organization with system needs analyses,architecture design recommendations, implementation and application training services, disaster recovery planning, IT internal controls testing and the development of both PC based and integrated network information systems.

Tax Compliance

For over fifty years, KKA has been providing a full spectrum of tax services, including:

  • Preparation of individual, corporate, and partnership returns
  • Tax exempt entity returns
  • Pension plans, estates and trusts
  • Representation before federal, state & local tax authorities during the examination process by those agencies
  • Consultations regarding complex business transactions
  • Proforma and 'what if' tax scenarios